Windows 7 - Why does nbtstat not work?


Staff member
May 14, 2008
> I can run nbtstat from the Windows 7 Command Shell/Prompt, but not
> within TCVC LE 10.0 or 4NT 8.02?

Probably because you're running an x64 version of Windows 7, and Nbtstat.exe
is an x64 only app -- so it isn't normally available to 32-bit apps (who get
a remapped \windows\system32 directory with 32-bit equivalents). This is a
Windows "feature".

nbtstat works with Take Command 11 x64, and it works with TCC v9 & v10 if
you turn off the "Win64 File System Redirection" option (OPTION/Startup).

Rex Conn
JP Software
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