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May 14, 2008
I've been experimenting with the Windows 8 consumer preview the last couple of days, and I'm glad (relieved?) to say I haven't found any problems with Windows 8 and Take Command v13.

I compiled a list of all of the new features in CMD for Windows 8 and have implemented all of them in Take Command 13.03.50. The implementation process was brutal -- it took me nearly two minutes + compile time.

The new features include:

ATTRIB - added the X and V attributes. Unless you're running Windows 8 Server and ReFS, that's already more than you need to know. (If you are running Windows 8 Server & ReFS, let me know how it works!)

And ... ummm ... well, that's it. Except that for TCC, I also added the X and V attribute support to the /A: attribute selection option (not supported in CMD).

If you're running Windows 8 and you find any compatibility issues, let me know.
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