Windows Installer failing again...

Default behaviour for MSI's is to install on the disk with the most space.
So if you *think* you are installing in C:\4NT6, but there is more space available on your K:-disk (as is in your case), installation will end up on K:
The simplest workaround would be to detach this K: disk and try again.

There is also the option to run the TCMD.exe with extra (MSI) parameters, but those don't seem to work.
Somewhere this week I will try to find out what's going on here.

In the meantime, if de-coupling your K-disk doesn't work you could try this:

- Download the already mentioned tcmdx64.msi
- Install this with the following command:
msiexec /i tcmdx64.msi ROOTDRIVE="C:\"  TARGETDIR="C:\4nt6\"
First, I save the files with the version appended in the file name i.e. tcmd38.exe or tcmdx6438.msi. These files are saved to D:\tcmd20. When I try to run the .msi file, either directly or the "msiexec" method, I get a nastygram "Could not access network location JPSoft\TCMD20". What does that mean? Attached should be a logfile from that installation attempt.



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That one was mentioned earlier on these forums (including my suggestion for a solution): [title]

Sadly @fromano never reported back, so I don't know if it indeed fixed his issue.

P.S. Did you use the "" in ROOTDRIVE="C:\" TARGETDIR="C:\4nt6\" ?
I did a cut and paste on your suggested command line and I also tried

msiexec /i "d:\tcmd20\tcmdx64.msi" ROOTDRIVE="C:\" TARGETDIR="C:\4nt6\"

with the exact same result.
Hmm, the installer seemingly did not like Tuesdays. I ran it again this morning from the Option/u entry and it installed cleanly.

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