Windows Size is 80x0

I just did an update from 25.00.20 x64 to 25.00.24 x64, Windows 10

TCMD now displays a window size of 80x0

That is, I can type, but nothing is displayed on the screen.

I can detach TCC, and all is well, I can see what I type. Attach TCC back to TCMD, back to original problem.

I can delete TCMD.INI, and TCMD starts as a new install, that is, default font, and I can see what I type.

Restore TCMD.INI, and TCMD starts with a window size of 80x0.

What simple setting am I missing?

Problem was with the font I was using, Cascadia Code.

Changing the font has everything working again.

I had also used the ColorTool.exe to set a scheme, which is no longer working.

Will see if I can get the scheme and the font to work again in TCMD.

I doubt it was the update that caused this, but all was working until I did the update.


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