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Windows Size is 80x0

I just did an update from 25.00.20 x64 to 25.00.24 x64, Windows 10

TCMD now displays a window size of 80x0

That is, I can type, but nothing is displayed on the screen.

I can detach TCC, and all is well, I can see what I type. Attach TCC back to TCMD, back to original problem.

I can delete TCMD.INI, and TCMD starts as a new install, that is, default font, and I can see what I type.

Restore TCMD.INI, and TCMD starts with a window size of 80x0.

What simple setting am I missing?

Problem was with the font I was using, Cascadia Code.

Changing the font has everything working again.

I had also used the ColorTool.exe to set a scheme, which is no longer working.

Will see if I can get the scheme and the font to work again in TCMD.

I doubt it was the update that caused this, but all was working until I did the update.

Rebooted Windows 10, started TCMD, selected the Cascadia Code font, and it's working again.

Used ColorTool.exe to set the scheme back to Ubuntu.itermcolors, which is also working again.


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