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Windows Terminal 1.0

Windows Terminal 1.0 has been officially released.

Windows Terminal utilizes the GPU to render its text.

Hi Joe,

So do you think it's easy to run TCC in a pane of Windows Terminal as a container? I really like a lot of the features of the new Windows Terminal, but I would love to retain the power of the TCC language for compatibility for old .btm files. I have been using TakeCmd going right back to the old Norton NDOS days. What would it take to configure Windows Terminal for TCC?

Gord Finlay
add this to settings in windows terminal
note guid is a randomly generated and must be different to any existing identifier in settings.json file
commandline path to your version of tcc

defaultprofile points to tcc guid to start first

"defaultProfile": "{cf19c3c0-7f68-11ea-ab12-0800200c9a66}",

"guid": "{cf19c3c0-7f68-11ea-ab12-0800200c9a66}",
"name": "TCC",
"commandline": "C:\\Program Files\\JPSoft\\TCMD\\tcc.exe",
"hidden": false

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