How to? work with Win7 Libraries

Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA
Does TCMD/TCC work with Win7 libraries, or do I need a plugin? I'd like to check the existing libraries to see if they exist, as well as delete or add folders to them too.


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Take Command includes support for libraries in the Folders View window. TCC does not have any internal support for libraries, because (1) nobody has ever asked for it; (2) it doesn't seem particularly useful in a command processor; and (3) Microsoft removed them from Windows 8.1.

Libraries gather folders that are stored in different locations so you can browse them in one place. Here are answers to some common questions about libraries in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

Where did my libraries go?
They're still there, and they work the way they did before, they're just hidden from the left pane in File Explorer by default. You can still get to them under Favorites by opening Desktop. If you customized your libraries and want to see them in the left pane, tap or click View, tap or click Navigation pane, and then choose Show libraries.
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