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Write command line to text file

At the command prompt I wish to scan a barcode that may be up to 14 characters in length followed by the enter key (which is programmed into the scanner) and have the text written to a text file such as test1.txt

I know how to do this by calling a bat file with a parameter but my ls2208 barcode reader won't append with a suffix for long character sets over 10.

Can take command run something in the background that will do this. In devices the ls2208 barcode scanner looks like an HID Keyboard Device.


Eventually I figured out that the barcode scanner was fine. It can append a prefix and suffix such that I can send a parameter to a batch file. My problem was using notepad++ which does something to long inputs such that it truncates the enter key after the barcode. Using the scanner on the command line and everything works fine. I programmed the zebra scanner with 123Scan software.
Glad you got it working.

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