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XenForo adds "http://"

If I make a link (to ftp://...) in a post, XenForo automatically prefixes it "http://". In fact, if I just type the text ( ftp://... ) XenForo automatically makes it a link and prefixes it with "http://".

Can I work around that or can XenForo be made to not behave that way?

Now I'm going to simply type a valid URL (and not make it a link). I suspect that when viewed in the forum, it will appear as a link and it won't work!

Misfeature, I think. XenForo is 'helping' us by removing an invalid character from the URL, though the colon after the scheme is not only legal but required. Oops.
It comes through in the notification e-mails that way too.

Trying the "Link" button... ftp://lucky.syr.edu

Nope, the colon disappears even in the Preview.

Vince, where do you see the http://? If it's in your browser's address bar, maybe it's automatically adding it since the URL is invalid without the colon.
You can see the "http://" if you submit your post, then "Edit" it ... put the cursor in the text and press the link button
Somebody's assuming that HTTP is the only protocol. Wonder what would happen if you put in a Gopher address? The server would probably start smoking and repeating "Does not compute, does not compute" like in some old Star Trek episode....
How about like this:
Yeah, okay, so that's ugly.
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