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XenForo bug

I had my system turned off from Saturday to this Monday morning. Turning it on I clicked "New Posts", and selected the only new thread. When the thread opened, it displayed a post dated today, and with eagle eyes I found on the top of the thread a small note that the thread started yesterday. Upon searching previous post I located the prior posts.

My issue is that in the past requesting a whole thread ALWAYS started with
the openinig post. It]s only that I happen to read an out-of-thread message
to indicate the thread was incomplete! Unfortunately, there is no method to
find the individual display history (unless inon=published, internal XenForo
information is available).

BTW, since Open Forum is noit monitored by JP Software, what official method can we use to communicate with you relative to products such as "feedback" and XenForo, which are not distributed