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Your Favorite Command Line Utilities

I use 7zip and "V - The Fileviewer" as my must-haves. I have the same
high praise for V as I do for 4NT/TCC.

7zip - http://www.7-zip.org
V - http://www.fileviewer.com

V is an all-purpose File Manager for Windows (XP/2000/2003/Vista).

Although V might look like another Windows Explorer replacement, its main
strength is its file viewing capabilities. It excels at viewing files
quickly - whether the files are 100 bytes or 100 gigabytes. Support for
EBCDIC files (including common RECFM formats) makes it ideal for those who
work in a mainframe environment.

V is an invaluable utility for anyone who spends much time navigating
directories and viewing files.

For those who prefer to work in DOS Boxes, V is fast and convenient - just
type V Filename and the file is right in front of you. There is no need to
switch to Explorer and certainly no need to bring up a File Open Dialog
Box! An extensive list of keyboard shortcuts means that you don't have to
use the mouse if you don't want to.

A Dual Pane interface (optional) makes it very easy to copy/move files
from one directory to another, and Favorites allow you to quickly view
commonly used files and directories. A Thumbnails Mode makes browsing
image directories a breeze.

Includes search/GREP functionality, hex viewing, Unicode support, greenbar
mode, 2UP printing and support for 4DOS descriptions and Alternate Data
Streams (ADS). The file unzipper supports ZIP, CAB, TAR, RAR, GZip and
BZip2 formats.

A U3 (portable) version is available - which lets you take a copy of V
wherever you go.


Ville <> wrote on 07/08/2008 04:37:32 PM:

> Below are some of the 3rd party command line apps I use frequently
> from TC/TCC command prompt.
> xxcopy
> dig (part of the ISC BIND package) for name server debugging
> The Van Dyke Client Pack; provides unix-like scp ("vcp"), ssh
> ("vsh"), and sftp ("vsftp")
> WinRAR (includes "rar.exe" for use with command line)
> WinZIP (command-line support add-on is available)
> gzip, tar, gawk, grep, SED, and various other GnuWin32 packages make
> unix users feel home at TCC prompt
conset.exe http://www.geocities.com/fp.westlake/nt/
reads registry to current cmd.exe environment.

cmdopen.dll opens cmd.exe in the current window, but can be fixed to open cmx.exe, which in turn loads eg 4nt.exe or cmd.xex (as it is patched).

context.exe (maddog), brings up context menu from command line


fcw.exe = powerful NC like file shell, supports Descript.ion &c.

ntsubst.exe = replacement for subst that support currently used drives,

regina.exe (rexx)

secon32.exe (cenvi for Win32)

shelexec (msft), opens objects with no fuss

tfc.exe (jfc.exe for Windows and OS/2)

wassociate.exe (not really command line, but fixes associations in a flash)

isocomp.exe (compares recently burnt cd with sorce .iso file)

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