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ZIP behavior

15b8 under Win XP

c:\> *zip /R /P /L6 "C:\Documents and Settings\Charles\Desktop\NewPC\Mew_2008_S" "C:\Program Files\Multi-Edit 2008\*.*"
The Mew_2008+5 files does not exist prior to the *zip command above. I press Ctrl-C to stop the command. The incomplete Mew_2008_5 zip exists. I normally use PKWARE's Pkzipc but gave ZIP a try. I did the same command - different parameters with pkzipc then ctrl-C'ed and the zip file was erase. Any reason for the different behavior?
Rex, If I had pressed Ctrl-C to prematurely stop ZIP I would want:

) if a zip file by the same name existed, then to delete the current one and restore the old one
) if the zip file didn't exist prior to the command being executed and a BTRL-C pressed - then delete the zip file.
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