Zip errors on large files.

Aug 10, 2009
I have encountered a recurring problem when zipping large files using the internal zip command. The zip is created, a zip /test reports okay and the file can be unzipped (using unzip) but the internal structure of the zip is buggy causing other programs to throw errors. For example, The file "Landline_20140514.csv" header is corrupt​

It only appears to be the header that's corrupt. The data seems intact.

The zip contained:

5/14/2014 12:44 1,336,266,952 Email_20140514.csv
5/14/2014 12:37 5,032,643,456 Landline_20140514.csv
5/14/2014 12:31 1,746,621,055 Mobile_20140514.csv
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