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CMDebug / TCC-RT Help v. 29

There is no support for ANSI X3.64 in Windows. For this reason, TCC contains its own limited ANSI X3.64 support (key substitutions are not supported, nor are double-width or double-height characters, or blinking characters). TCC interprets only its own output, not the output of external commands. In some cases you can redirect the output of an application program to a temporary file, then send it through TCC ANSI X3.64 interpreter, e.g., by using the TYPE command. This will display ANSI X3.64 correctly, but will not work with an interactive application.


To utilize the TCC built-in ANSI X3.64 support you must enable it with the SETDOS /A command. You can determine whether or not ANSI X3.64 support is enabled with the _ANSI internal variable.


Several commands in TCC provide alternatives for ANSI X3.64 commands. For example, there are commands to set the screen colors and display text in specific colors and locations. These commands are easier to understand and use than the ANSI X3.64 control sequences.


For information on the specific ANSI X3.64 commands supported by TCC see the ANSI X3.64 Command Reference.