The Batch Parameters window shows the batch file arguments (%0 - %9). You can enter default arguments using the batch arguments combo box on the toolbar. (You can change them before running the batch file.)


The Batch Variables window supports modifying any of the batch arguments during batch file execution.


The batch window has a toolbar, with the following buttons:


NewRestore the original values for the batch parameters
OpenAdd the contents of a file to the batch parameters list
SaveSave the current batch parameters list to a file
ApplyReplace the original values with the modified batch parameters list
PrintPrint the current list
CutCopy the highlighted selection to the clipboard and delete it from the batch parameters
Copy Copy the highlighted selection to the clipboard
PasteCopy the contents of the clipboard to the current cursor location
DeleteDelete the highlighted selection (or the character at the cursor location if no selection)
UndoUndo the last edit
RedoRestore the last Undo
FindSearch for text
HelpDisplay the online help