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Purpose:Change the default display colors


Format:COLOR [/F filename] [BRIght] fg ON [BRIght] bg


fgThe new foreground color
bgThe new background color


See also: CLS and Colors and Color Names for details about using colors and the name and numeric codes for colors.




COLOR is normally used in batch files before displaying text. For example, to set screen colors to bright white on blue, you can use this command:


color bright white on blue


TCC also supports the CMD syntax:




In this syntax, b is a hexadecimal digit that specifies the background color and f is a hexadecimal digit that specifies the foreground color.


If you do not specify a new foreground and background color, COLOR will revert the display colors to those used when TCC was started (for compatibility with CMD).


If you have ANSI enabled and StdColors and/or InputColors set, they will override a COLOR command.


COLOR now supports changing the console color palette with either an .INI file (for example, as used by the ColorTool utility), or an .ITERMCOLORS file. The syntax is:


COLOR /F filename


If you are running in a Take Command tab window, COLOR will pass the new colors to Take Command to update the tab window. You can have a different color palette in each tab window.