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Description Ranges

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Most internal commands which accept wildcards also accept description ranges to further define the files that you wish to work with.


When you use a description range in a command it should immediately follow the command name. See General Rules for Using Ranges for additional details.


A description range is specified as /I"text" where text is the description to be matched. Wildcards are supported. For example, /I"*agua*" selects all files with the string agua somewhere in the file description. The search text must be enclosed in double quotes, and must immediately follow the /I, with no intervening spaces.


You can select all files that have a description with /I"[?]*" (the [?] requires that the description contain at least one character, and the * allows any text).


You can select all files that do not have a description with /I"[]" (the [] requires that the first character, and therefore the descriptor itself, does not exist).


You can also search descriptions using regular expressions with /R"text".


If you precede the I or R with a !, the result is reversed. For example, /!I"*beta*" will select all of the files that do not have the word beta in their description.


See DESCRIBE for details on file descriptions.