Purpose:Display a message to the standard error device (stderr) without a trailing carriage return / line feed


Format:ECHOSERR message


message  Text to display.


See also: ECHO, ECHOS, and ECHOERR.




ECHOSERR acts as a combination of ECHOS and ECHOERR. It parses and expands message, and displays it on stderr. However, any display sent to stderr after message has been displayed will continue on the same line.


Display rules


The first space after the command name is ignored.

Trailing spaces in message are ignored.

Functions and variables not enclosed between back quotes are evaluated.

To include special characters, .e.g, < | >, in message, enclose them in double quotes or back quotes (see Parameter Quoting)  or precede them with the escape character, or use the /X option of the SETDOS command.

To display % you may alternately use two % marks for each one to be displayed, e.g., %%

To display trailing spaces, either enclose them in back quotes, or append a pair of back quotes behind them, e.g., echo trailers   ``

The ASCII NUL character cannot be included in message.

ECHOSERR keeps the cursor on the same line, thus permitting building a line of display using multiple commands