Purpose:Enumerate the share names for the specified server


Format:ENUMSHARES [/A /D /F /I /P[n] /Q /R /U /V] \\server\sharename


serverThe machine name
sharenameThe sharename(s) to match. Sharenames may contain wildcards, including regular expressions.


/F (local path)/U(ses)
/I(PC)/V (devices)




ENUMSHARES will show the share names of the specified type for a network server. ENUMSHARES will enumerate a single server; you cannot specify any wildcards in the server name.




/ADisplay the admin shares (i.e., ADMIN$, C$, print$, etc.)


/DDisplay the disk shares (default unless /F, /I, or /Q is set)


/FThe local path for the shared resource. For disks, this member is the path being shared. For print queues, this is the name of the print queue being shared.


/IDisplay the shared IPC (interprocess communication).


/P[n]Pause after each page. Your options at the prompt are explained in detail under Page and File Prompts. The /P option has an optional argument n that specifies the number of seconds to wait for a keystroke before continuing.


/QDisplay the shared print queues


/RDisplay the optional comment about the sharename (in quotes)


/UDisplay the current number of uses and the maximum allowed uses in the format "[n] [n]".


/VDisplay the shared communication devices