@AGEDATE[n[,d]] :  Converts an age n into a date and time pair, formatted according to the current country settings, or as explicitly specified by d (see Date Display Formats). The time is separated from the date by a comma, and is always in 24-hour format, displayed with 1 ms precision, as the examples show. The conversion does not take leap seconds into account.




for /l %n in (1,1,6) echo %n %@agedate[128551146920835000,%n]


1 05-13-08,01:11:32.083

2 13-05-08,01:11:32.083

3 08-05-13,01:11:32.083

4 2008-05-13,01:11:32.083

5 2008-W20-2,01:11:32.083

6 2008-134,01:11:32.083


See also: Time Stamps, @FILEAGE and @MAKEAGE.