@FILEDATE[filename[,a|c|w[u,d]]] : Returns the date a file was last modified, in the default country format (mm-dd-yy for the US), or as explicitly specified by the optional third parameter d (see Date Display Formats). Filename must be in quotes if it contains white space or special characters. The optional second parameter selects which date field is returned for files on an LFN drive: a means the last access date, c means the creation date, and w means the last modification (write) date, which is the default.


If you append a u to the second argument, @FILEDATE will display the date in UTC.


@FILETIME supports HTTP & HTTPS filenames, for last write only. Wildcards are not supported (HTTP limitation).




echo %@filedate["%comspec",c,4]



See Time Stamps, @FILETIME, @FILEAGE.