@SELECT[filename,top,left,bottom,right,title[,sort[,startline[,keymask]]]]:  Pops up a selection window with the lines from the specified file, allowing you to display menus or other selection lists from within a batch file. You can move through the selection window with standard popup window navigation keystrokes, including string matching with wildcards or regular expressions.


Filename must be in quotes if it contains white space or special characters. The file size is limited only by available memory. To select from lines passed through input redirection or a pipe, use CON: as filename. To select from lines in the Windows clipboard, use CLIP: as filename.


If the specified width is < 150, the top, left, bottom, right parameters are assumed to be rows/columns relative to the TCC-RT window. If the width is >= 150, the parameters are assumed to be screen coordinates (in pixels).


If you set the optional 7th parameter sort to 1, the list will be sorted alphabetically. If you set sort to -1, the list will be sorted in reverse alphabetic order.


The optional 8th parameter startline specifies the line @SELECT should highlight at startup. (The first line is 1.)  If you specify startline, you must also specify the sort parameter.


If you specify the optional 9th argument keymask, the searching is disabled, and TCC-RT will check input keystrokes for a match against the key mask. If a match is found, @SELECT will return the current line and set the _SELECT_KEY environment variable to the input key value. The key mask is in the same format as INKEY /K.


The selected line number will be returned in the SELECT_LINE environment variable (the first line is 1).


Return value:


the text of the line the scrollbar is on if you press Enter

an empty string if you press Esc.




call %@select["d:\path\my menu.txt",50,100,175,400,Select an option]