@UNQREADF[[u,]filename,"key",outputname[,length]] : Read a value from an existing key in a UnQLite database and save it to a file.


uOptional flag that the key is Unicode (UTF16)
filenameDatabase opened with @UNQOPEN
keyKey to read
outputnameOutput file that will contain the value
lengthOptional length (in bytes) to read. If not specified, @UNQREADF will read the entire file.


Returns 0 if successful, or an error if not.




Open the database "test.db", read the key "btest", and save the value to the file "d:\temp\btest.value" :


set db=test.db

set key=btest

set result=%@unqopen[rwc,%db]

set result=%@unqreadf[%db,%key,"d:\temp\btest.value"]