@XMLPUTATTR[name,namespaceURI,value] : Writes an XML attribute


@XMLPUTATTR writes an XML attribute on the currently opened XML element. It must be called right after calling @XMLSTARTELEMENT and before any calls to @XMLPUTSTRING, @XMLPUTCOMMENT, or @XMLPUTRAW. The file must have been opened with a previous @XMLOPEN.


If name is a local name without a prefix, the class will automatically introduce a new xmlns="NamespaceURI" attribute if necessary.

If name is in the form prefix:local, then class will automatically introduce a new xmlns:prefix="NamespaceURI" as necessary.

Certain attribute names will be handled in special ways by this method. If name is "xmlns" or uses the "xmlns" prefix, the attribute will be interpreted as a namespace declaration, regardless of the value of NamespaceURI. Similarly, any attribute using the "xml" prefix will be interpreted as a special attribute (like "xml:lang") and NamespaceURI will be ignored.

Returns 0 on success, or an XML error on failure.




To create this XML named books.xml:


<book xmlns='urn:loc.gov:books' xmlns:isbn='urn:ISBN:0-395-36341-6'>

<title>Cheaper by the Dozen</title>




Use the code:


echo %@xmlcreate[books.xml]

echo %@xmlstartelement[book,urn:loc.gov:books]

echo %@xmlputattr[xmlns:isbn,"",urn:ISBN:0-395-36341-6]

echo %@xmlputelement[title,urn:loc.gov:books,Cheaper by the Dozen]

echo %@xmlputelement[isbn:number,urn:ISBN:0-395-36341-6,1568491379);

echo %@xmlendelement[]

echo %@xmlclose[]


XML Errors:


101 Invalid attribute index

102 No attributes available

103 Invalid namespace index

104 No namespaces available

105 Invalid element index

106 No elements available

107 Attribute does not exist

201 Unbalanced element tag

202 Unknown element prefix (can't find namespace)

203 Unknown attribute prefix (can't find namespace)

204 Invalid XML markup

205 Invalid end state for parser

206 Document contains unbalanced elements

207 Invalid XPath

208 No such child

209 Top element does not match start of path

210 DOM tree unavailable

302 Can't open file

401 Invalid XML would be generated

402 An invalid XML name has been specified