Purpose:Send an IM via the JABBER network


Format:JABBER [/S"server" /U"user" / P"password" /IPv6 /Tn /V] /B target[@server] /F"filename" message


message        The message to send


/F(ile)/Tn (port)





If /S, /U, and/or /P are not specified, JABBER will use the default values defined in the ,INI file (JabberServer, JabberUser, and JabberPassword).


JABBER is intended to send single short messages on an event (for example, when a large series of file transfers is completed), not as a general replacement for an interactive IM client.


Before using JABBER, you will need to create an account on a JABBER network server. See www.jabber.org for more information on the JABBER network and for open JABBER servers.


The JABBER command supports SSL, so it can talk with SSL XMPP servers (like talk.google.com).




/BAddress where the message will be sent


/FSend a file to another user


/IPv6Use IPv6 instead of IPv4


/PLogon password on the JABBER server


/SJABBER server to log onto


/TServer port (default 5222)


/UUser logon name on the JABBER server


/VDisplay verbose (debugging) output