Purpose:Enable, disable, or display the history list


Format:KEYS [ON | OFF | LIST]




This command is provided for compatibility with KEYS command in CMD, which controls the history list in Windows. (CMD's KEYS command no longer has an effect, because command line editing is always enabled.)


The history list collects the commands you type for later recall, editing, and viewing. You can view the contents of the list through the history list window or by typing any of the following commands:



history /p

keys list


The first command displays the entire history list. The second displays the entire list and pauses at the end of each full screen. The third command produces the same output as the first, except that each line is numbered.


You can disable the collection and storage of commands in the history list by typing:


keys off


You can turn the history back on with the command:


keys on


If you issue the KEYS command without any parameters, TCC-RT will show you the current state of KEYS.