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Purpose:Modify or display TCC-RT configuration




Temporarily changing an option:

OPTION //directive=value ...


Temporarily changing a list of options:

OPTION @filename


Displaying the current value of an option:

OPTION directive


directiveName of a directive to set, modify, or display.
valueA new value for that directive.
filenameA file containing directives to be immediately activated.


See also: .INI file, SETDOS




Check for Updates


The /U option will invoke the updater to check for updates to TCC-RT.


Setting Individual Options Temporarily


If you follow the OPTION command with one or more sequences of a double slash mark //, each followed by a new directive=value, the new settings will take effect immediately, and will be in effect for the current session only. This example turns off batch file echo and changes the input colors to bright cyan on black:


option //BatchEcho=No //InputColors=bri cya on bla


Option values may contain white space. However, you cannot enter an option value that contains the // string. If you do not specify a value, OPTION will reset the value for that directive to the default.


This feature is most useful for testing settings quickly, and in aliases or batch files that depend on certain options being in effect.


Changes made with // are temporary. They will not be saved in the .INI file.


Setting Many Options Temporarily


The command OPTION @filename allows you to temporarily modify multiple directive settings. The file specified by filename must be in the same format as an .INI file. Changes made with @filename are temporary. They will not be saved in the .INI file.


Displaying an option value


Specifying an option name alone will display the value of that option; e.g.:


option localHistory



See also: the @OPTION function.

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