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CMDebug / TCC-RT Help v. 28

Purpose:View realtime activity in a pipe


Format:PIPEVIEW [/D /E /GB /R /T /VH /X]






PIPEVIEW will read from STDIN, and display it in a VIEW window while also forwarding it on to STDOUT to be read by the next app.  For example:


dir /s | pipeview | sort




/DPrefix each line with the current date


/EAlways show the end of the pipe (most recent activity). Otherwise PIPEVIEW will default to showing the beginning of the pipe buffer.


/GB(GreenBar) Display alternate shaded lines to make reading the output easier with long lines


/RWrite to STDERR instead of STDOUT


/TPrefix each line with the current time


/VHThe pipe contents are displayed with each line of text followed by two lines containing the hex codes of each character.


/XDisplay the pipe contents in hex