Page Prompts


Several TCC-RT commands can generate prompts, which wait for you to press a key to view a new page or to perform a file activity. When TCC-RT is displaying information in page mode, for example with a DIR /P or SET /P command, it displays the message


Press ESC to quit, A to turn off paging or another key to continue...


At this prompt, you can press Esc, Ctrl-C, or Ctrl- Break if you want to quit the command. Pressing A will turn off the pause and prompt at the end of each page, and continue with the command. You can press almost any other key to continue with the command and see the next page of information.


File Prompts


During file processing, if you have activated prompting with a command such as DEL /P, you will see a prompt similar to the following before processing every file:




You can answer this prompt by pressing




process this file



do not process this file



remaining files without further prompting



files without further prompting


The R and A responses are equivalent; A was added for compatibility with CMD versions which display a Yes/No/All prompt . You can also press Esc, Ctrl-C, or Ctrl-Break at this prompt to cancel the remainder of the command.


If you press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break while a batch file is running, you will see a Cancel batch job prompt. For information on responses to this prompt see Interrupting a Batch File.