Purpose:Position the cursor on the screen and optionally display a message


Format:SCREEN row column [text ]


rowThe new row location for the cursor
columnThe new column location for the cursor
textOptional text to display at the new cursor location






SCREEN allows you to create attractive screen displays in batch files. SCRPUT allows you to specify where a message will appear on the screen. You can use SCREEN to create menus and other similar displays. For example, the following batch file fragment displays a menu:


@echo off


screen 3 10 Select a number from 1 to 4:

screen 6 20  1 - Word Processing

screen 7 20  2 - Spreadsheet

screen 8 20  3 - Telecommunications

screen 9 20  4 - Quit


SCREEN does not change the screen colors. To display text in specific colors, use SCRPUT or VSCRPUT. SCREEN always leaves the cursor at the end of the displayed text.


The row and column values are zero-based, so on a 25 line by 80 column display, valid rows are 0 - 24 and valid columns are 0 - 79. SCREEN checks for a valid row and column, and displays a "Usage" error message if either value is out of range.


You can also specify the row and column as offsets from the current cursor position. Begin the value with a plus sign [+] to move the cursor down or to the right, or with a minus sign [-] to move the cursor up or to the left. This example prints a string 3 lines above the current position, in absolute column 10:


screen -3 10 Hello, World!


you specify 999 for the row, SCREEN will center the text vertically on the display. If you specify 999 for the column, SCREEN will center the text horizontally. This example prints a message at the center of the TCC-RT window:


screen 999 999 Hello, World