Purpose:Position text on the screen and display it in color


Format:SCRPUT row col [/C /U] [BRIght] fg ON [BRIght] bg text


rowStarting row
colStarting column
fgForeground character color
bgBackground character color
textThe text to display

/C (move cursor)

/U (move to end of string)






SCRPUT allows you to create attractive screen displays in batch files. SCRPUT allows you to specify where a message will appear on the screen and what colors will be used to display the message text. You can use SCRPUT to create menu displays, logos, etc.


SCRPUT works like SCREEN, but requires you to specify the display colors. See Colors and Color Names for details.


The row and column values are zero-based, so on a 25 line by 80 column display, valid rows are 0 - 24 and valid columns are 0 - 79. The maximum row value is determined by the current height of the TCC-RT window. The maximum column value is determined by the current virtual screen width.


SCRPUT checks for a valid row and column, and displays a "Usage" error message if either value is out of range.


You can also specify the row and column as offsets from the current cursor position. Begin the value with a plus sign [+] to move down the specified number of rows or to the right the specified number of columns, or with a minus sign [-] to move up or to the left.


If you specify 999 for the row, SCRPUT will center the text vertically in the TCC-RT window. If you specify 999 for the column, SCRPUT will center the text horizontally.


SCRPUT does not move the cursor when it displays the text.




The following batch file fragment displays part of a menu, in color:


cls white on blue

scrput 3 10 bri whi on blu Select an option:

scrput 6 20 bri red on blu 1 - Word Processing

scrput 7 20 bri yel on blu 2 - Spreadsheet

scrput 8 20 bri gre on blu 3 - Communications

scrput 9 20 bri mag on blu 4 - Quit




/CMove the cursor to the specified position after writing the string.


/UMove the cursor to the end of the string.