Purpose:Display, stop, or start system services


Format:SERVICES [/I /P /R /S /Tn] [name ...]


/I (PID)/S(top service)
/P(ause)/Tn (type)





The name is the service name, not the display name. name can contain wildcards.


You must be an admin user to run or stop a service.




/IDisplay the PID's for services. Note that stopped services will return 0 for the PID, as will Windows services.


/PPause after displaying each page.


/RRun the specified service(s).


/SStop the specified service(s).


/TnThe type of services to enumerate. This can be a combination (OR'd) of the following values:


1Kernel drivers
2File system drivers
16Services that run in their own process
32Services that share a process with one or more other services