Purpose:Call Windows Taskbar functions


Format:TASKBAR command                




TASKBAR calls the Windows Taskbar to display dialogs or to manipulate the top level windows.




CascadeCascade all top level windows.


ComputersDisplay the Find Computers dialog (requires Active Directory Domain Services)


ControlDisplay the Control panel.


CustomizeDisplay the Customize Taskbar dialog.


DateDisplay the Date and Time dialog.


DesktopShow the Windows desktop.


HelpDisplay the Help and Support Center dialog.


HTileHorizontally tile all top level windows.


LockToggle the taskbar lock.


LogoffDisplay the Logoff dialog.


MinMinimize all windows.


MaxMaximize all windows.


PrintersDisplay the Printers and Faxes dialog.


PropertiesDisplay the Taskbar Properties dialog.


RunDisplay the Run dialog.


SearchDisplay the Search dialog.


ShutdownDisplay the Shut Down Computer dialog.


StartDisplay the Start Menu.


TaskDisplay the Windows Task Manager dialog.


VTileVertically tile all top level windows.