Purpose:Show the window stations and desktops on your system


Format:WINSTATION [/C /R /S] winsta\desktop [command]



/R(un command)

/S(witch desktop)




A window station contains a clipboard and one or more desktops. When a window station is created, it is associated with the calling process and assigned to the current session.


WinSta0 (the interactive window station) is the only window station that can display a user interface or receive user input. All other window stations are non-interactive, and they cannot display a user interface or receive user input. You can create other window stations, but you cannot create and switch to a desktop on anything other than WinSta0.




/CCreate a new winstation and desktop


/RRun the specified command on the winstation\desktop. If you do not specify a command, WINSTATION will run Windows Explorer


/SSwitch to the specified desktop. (You cannot switch to any winstation other than "WinSta0"; this is a Windows restriction.)