ClearKeyMap directive

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ClearKeyMap directive



Clears all current key mappings. ClearKeyMap is a special directive which has no value or = after it. Use ClearKeyMap with caution - it deletes all of the default definitions, and also any definitions in your .INI file directives that are processed before ClearKeyMap is processed. It is useful only if you want to make available most of the keys which have default assignments for other purposes, e.g., for keystroke aliases. ClearKeyMap should appear before any other key mapping directives. You may restore default mappings to keys you want to retain using the appropriate key assignment directives, e.g., NextFile=Tab.


To clear the default mappings for just a few keys, use the NormalEditKey, NormalKey, NormalListKey, and/or NormalPopupKey directives.


See other Advanced Directives.