CMD has some built-in variables (i.e., which are treated as environment variables but which do not exist in the environment):


CD - the current directory (see also _CWD).


CMDCMDLINE - the command line that started the command processor.


CMDEXTVERSION - the command extensions internal version number.


DATE - the current system date (see also _DATE).


RANDOM - a random number between 0 and 32767 (see also @RANDOM).


TIME - the current system time (see also _TIME).


TCC supports all of these built-in variables. (In TCC, CMDEXTVERSION will always return 2.)


The variables below are used by some Microsoft command processors, but are ignored by TCC. To see their usage by Microsoft and the alternate methods to achieve the same purpose in TCC, review:



CMD default options for COPY command


CMD default options for DIR command