Purpose:Send an activity notification request to Take Command.


Format:NOTIFY [/=] repeat [timeout] [/A /S] [command...]


repeat - The number of repetitions. This can be an integer value from 1 - n, or the string FOREVER.


timeout - The number of seconds before triggering a notification. For /A, the number of seconds between the  any display output before running the specified command. The default value is 15.




command - The command to execute on an activity / silence match




NOTIFY can be useful to detect when a long-running process is waiting for input or has finished (/S) or when a process has started (/A). (This command is only useful when TCC is running in a Take Command tab window.)


The command will be executed by Take Command, not TCC. So if you specify a command that writes to STDOUT or STDERR (not recommended!), you will see the output mixed with the output from TCC in that tab window. For example, you can call BEEP, MSGBOX, OSD, TOAST, etc., or any batch file or external command. The command will be started in a separate thread; it is your responsibility to ensure that the command will exit after performing the desired action (otherwise you will end up with a large number of useless threads).


You can also configure notifications by right clicking on the Take Command tab label, and selecting "Notifications...".




This command fragment displays a messagebox if there is activity after more than 60 seconds since the last activity:


notify 60 /a MSGBOX OK "NOTIFY" Detected activity...


This command displays a messagebox if there is no activity for more than 60 seconds:


notify 15 /s MSGBOX OK "NOTIFY" Detected silence ...




/=Display the NOTIFY command dialog to help you set the command line options. The /= option can be anywhere on the line; additional options will set the appropriate fields in the command dialog.


/AActivity notification. When Take Command updates the tab window, it checks to see if the time since the last update is >= to timeout, and if so it will execute the specified command. If no command is specified, /A will turn off activity notification.


/SSilence notification. timeout is the number of seconds without any display output before Take Command will execute the specified command. If no command is specified, /S will turn off silence notification.