Take Command and TCC Integration

Take Command and TCC are tightly integrated and pass messages and commands back and forth. (If you are running another application, such as CMD or PowerShell in a Take Command tab window, you will not have access to these commands and variables.)


The "Change Folder" combobox on the Take Command toolbar recognizes TCC directory aliases (if you are using a global alias list).


Internal commands:


CDD /T or /TO - Change the selected folder in the Take Command File Explorer window.


START /TAB - Start the process in a new Take Command tab window.


TCFILTER - Display or set the filter for the Take Command File Explorer.


TCTOOLBAR - Change the tool bar buttons.


WINDOW - When run in a tab window, the WINDOW options act on the Take Command window, not the TCC tab window.


Internal Variables:


_TCFILTER - returns the Take Command File Explorer filter.


_TCFOLDER - returns the selected folder in the Folders window if in a Take Command tab window.


_TCTAB - returns 1 if TCC is in a Take Command tab window.


Take Command also creates two environment variables that can be queried by its child tab window processes:


TCMD - the full pathname of the Take Command executable


TCMDVER - the version & build number (i.e., 28.00.02).


Syntax Messages:


Take Command will display the syntax for TCC internal commands on the status bar when you enter them on the TCC command line or in the Command Input window. If you move the mouse over the syntax message on the status bar, Take Command will display a tooltip with the full syntax and switch descriptions.