Uninstalling Take Command

Before uninstalling Take Command, if you have registered it then click on the Option menu, select Configure Take Command, and click on the Unregister tab. Enter your original activation key, and click OK, and your registration info will be removed from the activation server, and from the local machine. This will prevent the local machine from continuing to use one of your activations. (A single-system license is allowed to activate up to three systems.)


You can uninstall Take Command from the "Programs and Features" option in the Windows Control Panel.


Uninstalling Take Command from the control panel will remove all of the program files, but not the user-created files (i.e., TCMD.INI, TCSTART.BTM, TCEXIT.BTM). (This is by user request, as those files are often shared between different versions of Take Command.)


The easiest way to remove these files is from a TCC command line before uninstalling Take Command.


You can remove TCMD.INI with the command:


del %_ininame


You can remove TCSTART with the command:


del %_tcstart


You can remove TCEXIT with the command:


del %_tcexit


Take Command also writes some user-defined configuration options to the "c:\ProgramData\JP Software" directory. You can remove everything in that directory.


After uninstalling, Take Command will show an optional uninstall survey. Please take a moment to respond -- Your answers will help improve Take Command.