Purpose:Display disk volume label(s)


Format:VOL [d:] ...


d:The drive or drives to search.




Each disk may have a volume label, created when the disk is formatted or with the external LABEL command. Also, every disk formatted with Windows has a volume serial number.


The VOL command will display the volume label and, if available, the volume serial number of a disk volume. If the disk doesn't have a volume label, VOL will report that it is "unlabeled."  If you don't specify a drive, VOL displays information about the current drive:


[c:\] vol

Volume in drive C: is MYHARDDISK


If available, the volume serial number will appear after the drive label or name.




To display the disk labels for drives A and B :


[c:\] vol a: b:

Volume in drive A: is unlabeled

Volume in drive B: is BACKUP_2


VOL will also return volume information for UNC names.


See also: @LABEL.