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TCC/LE is our free Windows command shell (formerly known as 4NT). TCC/LE is a replacement for the CMD command line (the default Windows command prompt). TCC/LE is a superset of CMD, with 111 internal commands (CMD has fewer than 40), 240 internal variables and functions, and hundreds of enhancements to existing CMD commands.

TCC/LE works with your existing command line applications and batch files, but offers major improvements in command line and batch file capabilities, and adds thousands of new features to your command prompt windows.
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Benefits of Windows CMD Replacement

  • TCC/LE is a complete CMD replacement, and is compatible with your existing Windows command prompt and CMD batch files, while adding thousands of new features.
  • The familiar environment means you are immediately more productive with your everyday tasks, and TCC/LE's consistent command syntax reduces your learning and development time.
  • The comprehensive help speeds your development and reduces syntax errors.
  • TCC/LE is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. (Online help is currently in English only.)

Features of CMD shell replacement

  • The TCC/LE scripting language is a large superset of the default Windows CMD shell, with 111 commands, 140 functions and 97 internal variables.
  • The scripting language includes a complete set of flow control structures including IF-Then-Else, DO and FOR loops, SWITCH, subroutines, etc.
  • Almost all of the CMD commands (e.g. DIR, COPY, DEL, etc.) are substantially enhanced, with hundreds of additional options.
  • TCC/LE includes multiple types of redirection, including redirecting and piping to STDERR, and TEE and Y pipe fittings.
  • You can redefine your commands with aliases, and assign frequently used commands to a single keystroke.
  • The enhanced command line editor provides command line and directory history, filename and directory completion, and advanced cut and paste options.
  • The built-in text and binary file viewer includes bidirectional scrolling, advanced search, and print capabilities.
  • Send keystrokes to any window (command prompt or GUI).
  • Select or exclude files by date, time, size, and extended wildcards or regular expressions for extraordinary flexibility in file management.
  • You can specify multiple filenames for most of the TCC/LE file processing commands (COPY, DEL, DIR, MOVE, etc.).
  • Find and navigate to any directory on your system by entering only part of its name with extended directory searches.
  • Create your own variables or commands with plugins, or choose from the many third-party plugin libraries available.

Note that JP Software does not provide any phone or email support for TCC/LE. Please use our TCC/LE Support Forum for support provided by other TCC/LE users.

The graphical environment is not included in TCC/LE. Get our flagship product Take Command to get the power of our graphical environment, thousands of additional features and a full batch debugger / IDE.

TCC/LE is compatible with any version of Microsoft XP (SP2 or later), 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Server 2012, including 64-bit versions. TCC/LE is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and requires a minimum of 20Mb of free disk space.

There are two editions of Take Command, so you can use the version that's perfect for your needs. See Windows Command Shells: Comparing CMD, TCC/LE, and Take Command.

Learn more about the Windows Command Line, Windows BAT Files, and Batch File Programming.

Download TCC/LE 32-bit CMD Replacement  Download TCC/LE x64 Windows command shell

Take Command Reviews

"Ditch cmd.exe. It’s ugly, limited, has hardly been updated in 20 yrs, and is just a pain. If you ever use the command prompt, you owe it to yourself to get a much better shell. Take Command is awesome powerful. Far beyond other cmd.exe replacements. I’ve used it practically daily for 15+ yrs and love it ..." 

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