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    Brain Dead?

    It is built in for years. Right-click any console header, choose "Defaults" and configure the colors to your heart's content.
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    Documentation difference between appdata and localappdata ?

    Oh, and of course, you can directly enter "%variable%" into the Explorer address bar. If a variable resolves to a filesystem path, it will attempt to start the application (or show a directory, which boils down to "starting" it, in a sense).
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    Documentation difference between appdata and localappdata ?

    Long talk about nothing. Seems like somebody was trying hard to pull minimum 2000 characters limit on the article. Repeated talks about showing hidden files for no apparent reason, useless advice about backups. The essence can be summed in just two phrases. %AppData% is a roamed persistent user...
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    FFIND /S and System32? (and an OT mystery)

    1. Turn off virtual idiocy in Vista+: reg ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System" /f /v "EnableVirtualization" /t REG_DWORD /d 0 2. Purge the "%LocalAppData%/VirtualStore" to never hear of this problem again.
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    Modern? This behavior is standard for years - grep can signal the success/vailure of the match with errorlevel.
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    Documentation default location for LOG files

    It would go where you would send it. Don't use %UserProfile%, use %AppData% or %LocalAppData%, up to your needs.
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    "Set" command behavior - a bug?

    If you want to see the contents of a variable, use echo. "Set" is to SET the variable. All other behavior is undefined and cannot be relied upon across various shells.
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    run as administrator

    Nice find. Indeed, I have no "run as administrator" on the BTM links. Somehow it did not appear to me, that all the .lnk I was inspecting were direct links to tcc-rt.exe, not to the corresponding BTM.
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    TCC smashing Unicode quotes

    That's a strange question to ask. What else can I do with unicode characters, other than display them?
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    run as administrator

    Anything special about your system? Corporate managed global policy lists?
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    run as administrator

    regdir /v /d HKCR\.btm HKCR\.btm : REG_SZ : takecommand.script regdir /v /d HKCR\takecommand.script HKCR\takecommand.script : REG_SZ : JPSoft TakeCommand script (console) Shell Open Command : REG_EXPAND_SZ : "C:\Programs\TCC-RT\tcc.exe" /S /C "%1" %* Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit.
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    run as administrator

    Which page you are trying to change it on? There's two places in shortcut, where you could do it. On the "Shortcut" tab - to change shortcut properties. On the "Compatibility" tab - to change properties OF THE PROGRAM ITSELF. This is not possible for documents for obvious reasons.
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    [v22.00.41] sync command flag "/X" does not work

    Speaking of 22.0.41, I don't see it announced anywhere? Downloads page shows .40
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    TCC failing to read recursive symlinks

    For running a batch file? Mind sharing? Please.
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    WAD Output redirection to IF block fails with "unbalanced brackets"

    If it would have been smarter, it'd recognize entire IF as a block operator without "wrapping it into a single line, like CMD does". That would've been smart.
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