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    FFind - can we display n number of lines after the find?

    /Ln will display n context lines, according to help file.
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    All Those Years Ago

    All that for $ date --date="5 years ago" +%F 2013-02-15 ???
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    [forum] G+ auth doesn't work.

    Still a problem.
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    DIFFER questions....

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    @vefatica a: it would be much easier if you just tell us what you want to achieve, instead of trying to print random characters just out of curiocity.
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    WAD ANSI still misbehaves with build 35

    It's TTY-only feature. Not TCC. Only apps explictly built to use TTY/virtual terminal will see the effects.
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    DIFFER questions....

    I already explained that in the thread. @PATH is useless for intended purpose of the suggested function.
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    EQ vs ==

    They MAY have not well-formed tags. But a recommendation is to adhere to XML standards, and many page designers do, as it is easier to find an automated tool for XML processing, than a special-crafted tool for HTML processing. And there's always HTML Tidy.
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    DIFFER questions....
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    DIFFER questions....

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    Problem listing repository files using DIR http(s)://...

    Keep in mind that "wget -O filename -- URL" literally equals "wget -O - -- URL > filename", which in turn defeats the most useful feature of wget - server timestamping.
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    Documentation ftype content

    Yes, all paths in associations must be absolute. The filename passed to the association will also be absolute, if executed via explorer. Overall, you should prefer absolute paths weherever possible.
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    Pipe into VIEW and search

    If I understand help file correctly, you should not call v.exe directly.
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    IIUC, you want to automate internet connection? I'm 99% sure that everything you want to do has been automated in the last century and readily available in the OS itself.