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    Alias @@F5 hotkey

    Just upgraded TCC19 to TCC23. I use the F5 hotkey alias often, but seems my alias no longer works due to a new built-in functionality for F5 to "Call the browse files dialog" For example.. "alias @@f4 echo F4" - this works, it echos F4 "alias @@f5 echo F5" - this doesn't work, it brings up...
  2. R

    Test 'switch'

    This is for enabling or disabling individual lines of test code. You would comment out one of the ALIAS definitions. ALIAS TEST_CODE REM TEST_CODE Dir (The line does nothing because it begins with REM.) ALIAS TEST_CODE IF 1=1 TEST_CODE Dir The command works.
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    How to? Load Alias File on Startup

    Hi All, I've trawled these forums for days but could not find what I'm looking for. I have an alias file that I wanna load on startup of tcmd. How can I accomplish this task. Thanks. Regards, Eugene.