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    TCC debugger throws message on end of attrib

    Even a simple "attrib c:\temp\*.* /S /D" throws at the end : "TCC: (Sys) Es sind keine weiteren Dateien vorhanden." How can I get rid of this meesage (in debug mode it is irritationg)? Thanks - Michael
  2. S

    Debugging Powershell scripts

    Can I debug Powershell scripts? In my (v24-)version on debug my standard Editor is opened when I try to debug. Should I switch to v28? Thanks - Michael
  3. I

    Change value of a variable while debugging

    Hi, I'm new in Take Command and just evaluating the IDE with some batch files I needed to maintain. The debugging option in the IDE is excellent, but I cannot find any way to change the value of a certain variable while debugging the execution. At first I tried to change the value in the watch...