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  1. J

    Capturing output from date.exe

    Hi, The following seems to work under CMD but not under TCC: FOR /f "tokens=1,2,3" %%i in ('r:\gnu\bin\date.exe +"%%Y %%m %%d"') DO ( SET YY=%%i SET MO=%%j SET MD=%%k ) I've been trying all sorts of variations, to no avail... Also, is there a way to know if a script is being run from CMD or...
  2. D

    TCC has much more elegant ways for usebackq. What ways?

    Take Command / TCC Help v.24 page 410: "usebackq : Duplicates the awkward CMD syntax. A back quoted string is executed as a command; a single quoted string is a literal string; and double quotes quote filenames in the file set. We don't recommend usebackq for batch files written for TCC, as TCC...