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  1. Alpengreis

    Forum style Fluent v2: switching to night does not work

    For the forum style Fluent v2, the switching button to day mode does work but to night mode does not work.
  2. Alpengreis

    Forum styles "Fluent-v2(--Dark)" and the "stats-boxes"

    The following is now really not the most important thing on earth to solve ... but maybe it's not a big deal to change it: The "statistics" in the forum styles "Fluent-v2(--Dark)" has a box for the joining time. Unfortunately that's just the related month, regardless of the joining year. So in...
  3. Alpengreis

    [FORUM] After change the font, bold is without effect

    In the forum, after changing the font, bold is without effect, as you can see here: It seems not related to browser version - at least had this in Firefox Dev. and Chrome Dev.
  4. Alpengreis

    [Forum] Mark forumS (all!) read

    Hi Before the forum update was it possible to mark the whole "active" forum as read instead all forums. I miss this function or in other words, it does not always make sense to mark ALL forums read at once.