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[FORUM] After change the font, bold is without effect

In the forum, after changing the font, bold is without effect, as you can see here:


It seems not related to browser version - at least had this in Firefox Dev. and Chrome Dev.
A weird thing, it's definitive not a browser preference. And also with Edge and IE I have the same behaviour.

Without a font name it works (with blabla) ... and I can change the font itself too. But chaning font AND bold does not work HERE.

And last but not least, I tried the same code in another forum (not the same forum software probably but nevertheless) and there it works.

Maybe it's OS or resolution related??

OS here: Win 10 Pro x64, Build 16299.214, Version 1709
It SEEMS there is something not really ok in the forum software, at least the produced CSS seems not right as you can see here (from Firefox Inspector):

I see now. It works with the "Default" style, but not with the "UI.X (child)" style.

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