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  1. Alpengreis

    Installation (v29): License screen "problem" in german language ...

    There is a small "problem" while installation dialogue for the license screen for german version: It does truncate the first line before you "activate" the window ... ... after it looks good ...
  2. Alpengreis

    [TCMD v25.00.24] Small space problem with the DE translation in Prefs-GUI

    Hello Ther is a small space problem with the german translation in the following TCMD setting: In the 1st string, the last char is missing. In the 2nd the line after line break appears not proper. Kind regards!
  3. Alpengreis

    Installer: text is still truncated in german language

    Hello The text in ... is still truncated as you can see ... This is a screenshot from older thread but it's still the case in latest build (46) of v21 ... No big deal but it would be better if this would not happen ... Kind regards, Alpengreis