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  1. D

    Beta version TC needed

    Where can I download the latest beta version of Take Command (or at least the updated help file for it)? It's needed to update a translation.
  2. N

    Done Update help (more) and new tutorials

    Hi, this is my first post, here is my suggestion. For a long time I've been coming to see the site and hoping that new documentation in the form of help files and simple tutorials will be in place. I read in one of your documents that there would be new tutorials coming soon however that was...
  3. K

    Help Not Working

    I see several other threads about issues with the help system. My problem seems to be different from those: when I press F1, nothing seems to happen. In Process Explorer I can see tchelp.exe start and it uses about 12.5% CPU as long as I let it run - apparently it maxes out one logical processor...
  4. MickeyF

    TCC v16 crashes when I hit F1 to view help

    I'm a few versions back - v16.03.55 x64. When I try to view the help by hitting F1, TCC crashes. Tell me where to find a dump file and I'll upload it. But if I run TCMD instead, F1 loads the help just fine. I've been using v16 for a long time and this never happened, and now it happens 100%...
  5. Alpengreis

    Documentation TC Help v18.x "Commands by Category" is incomplete

    At least the following commands are missed via TC Help v18.x "Commands by Category" ... LINKS SCRIPT SETARRAY SETERROR UNSETARRAY