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  1. R

    History window wrong size, can't remember size change

    I have two monitors, one in portrait mode, the other in landscape. When I open the command history window, it is about the size of my portrait monitor. Unfortunately, its displayed on my landscape monitor which means most of the window is clipped and of no use. If I manually resize the window...
  2. H

    History and TPipe Oddness

    Sorry for the long message. I've been using TakeCommand for many years now, but lately I'm seeing some weird behavior with history, recall (up arrow) and tpipe. On the Command Line options tab, I have checked [Move to End] and selected the [Save Last] radio button under Command History. I have...
  3. M

    Done Allow a full search in the directory history

    I like the directory history much. But it would be very powerful if the search doesn't search the path only from the start. So if I type xyz in the search window nothing is found. If I type xyz it found be nice if any path is shown that contains xyz.
  4. cxxl

    Done Allow Selection for History/Dirhistory Window

    Hi, the (dir)history window is nice, but unfortunately works only very basically. Could you add support to mark multiple lines for deletion or copy? Also, it's very hard to use if the selected line always moves to the end after a deletion. Best, Chris