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  1. Alpengreis

    copy file limit?

    Hello Has the TC copy command a file limit? I read about the xcopy command (cmd) which has a limit of about 10'000 - 30'000 files and have a problem with more to put the file list in memory and the copying process is then incomplete (or something like that). Has the TC copy command (with TC...
  2. Alpengreis

    Done Add "Slow copy" (/WAIT) parameter to SYNC command

    About the problem here: [v22.00.41] sync command flag "/X" does not work It would be sensefull to add a "Slow copy" (wait) parameter to the SYNC command (as it exist already for the COPY command). Additionally - if the /WAIT parameter would be good to solve that, it would be good to adjust...
  3. Alpengreis

    [v22.00.41] sync command flag "/X" does not work

    I have synced two directories with: sync /M /X /S /Y v:\MM-Cloud_01\Cloud_Podcasts\ m:\Cloud_Podcasts\ Unfortunately, the archive bit (a) was not removed.